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Frosty Treats is pleased to offer vending machine solutions.vending machine

Frozen vending machines are a great addition to any business, government, scholastic, amusement, or recreational facility. Our machines are perfect for those that desire additional streams of revenue by utilizing a fully automated sales machine.

Businesses, Colleges, Schools, Pools, Bowling Alley's, Mini-Golf Courses, Amusement Facilities, Laundromats, Water Parks, Hospitals, Rest — Stops, Marina's, Parks, and Government Facilities are just a few of the establishments that can benefit from utilizing a fully automated sales machine.

Frosty Treats is proud to supply frozen vending machines stocked full of the top selling ice cream novelties, pelletized ice cream cups, and frozen foods. Each Frosty Treats machine is equipped with the most advanced credit card equipment and payment technology which provides a wide range of purchasing options to your customers, students, visitors, or employees.

To request a Complete Line of Products call 816-931-9969 or email

Frosty Treats is a proud member of the National Automatic Merchandising Association.


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