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Frosty Treats is pleased to offer a wide range of solutions to the education industry.

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Frosty Treats offers a tremendous variety of Smart Snack compliant and school specific products manufactured by Rich Ice Cream, Good Humor, Popsicle, S.R. Rosati and more. These items are not boring and bland – they are the same exciting items that kids want but with less calories fat and sugar, whole grains, and of course absolutely no trans-fats.

Our freezers are available to school districts, cafeterias, PTO’s, school bookstores, athletic departments, booster clubs, and student clubs just to name a few.

Vending machines are a great way to sell Ice Cream Novelties in Colleges, Universities, and Trade Institutions. Residence Life buildings, Student Unions, Athletic Facilities, are a great fit for Vending Machines. Vending Machines don’t require much space and don’t need to be staffed making them an ideal solution to satisfy your students.

Frosty Treats is also proud to offer a tremendous variety of Food-Service solutions.

3-Gallon Containers of Super Premium and Value priced Ice Cream, Sherbets, and Sorbets are available. Exotic and Seasonal Flavors are available.

Food Service specific ice cream novelties are available as well.

To request a Complete Line of Products call 816-931-9969 or email

Frostry treats animals